Aconite - Treatment of Panic Attacks

Aconite Napellus, also known as Monkshood, Wolf’s Bane, Granny’s Nightcap and Iron Hat. In homeopathic form it is commonly used in wide range acute illnesses where symptoms are acute, sudden, violent and painful. Fear is an important keynote, this is intense and accompanies most ailments found in the remedy.

The remedy comes into its own for the treatment of panic attacks with nervous excitability, restlessness and anguish. The fear is intense, it often starts after a frightful experience, eg. car accident in a tunnel, a strong fright, or being stuck in a lift or small place (agoraphobia). This brings about a panic stricken state which comes on suddenly and intensely as it violently sweeps through the mind and body. Aconite is often indicated in ailments arising from bad news; seeing death before your eyes; injury (eg. accident); and surgical procedures.

In terms of finding the right remedy for a someone who is suffering from chronic fear and anxiety, this however involves careful case taking by a homeopath in a trusting environment where the patient can open up about how they really feel. Homeopathic consultations are centred on listening to the patient and it is through this in-depth case taking process that the experience of feeling unwell can be heard so that the most suitable remedy can be prescribed.

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