Stramonium - Treatment of Fear, Anxiety and Childhood Acutes

Stramonium is an excellent remedy for a range of acute and chronic situations. It’s an effective remedy for PTSD, especially where death or the experience of a near death situation has been experienced, it is also a major remedy successfully used in the treatment of fear and anxiety.

Equally, Stramonium is also excellent remedy found in many common childhood acutes. The Stramonium picture produces sharp, intense and quite violent symptoms with characteristic night terrors, fear of the dark and impending danger, delirium and hallucinations, violent thirst and dryness of the mouth, lips and throat. The face is bright red and the eyes are dilated and wild.


In the case of childhood acute illness, Stramonium is an essential remedy to have at hand if the characteristic symptoms match the remedy picture.

In terms of finding the right remedy for a someone who is suffering from chronic fear and anxiety, this however involves careful case taking by a homeopath in a trusting environment where the patient can open up about how they really feel. Homeopathic consultations are centred on listening to the patient and it is through this in-depth case taking process that the experience of feeling unwell can be heard so that the most suitable remedy can be prescribed.

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