An Alternative Approach to Health

People are searching for more natural ways to improve their health and are choosing homeopathy as a safe alternative.  Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural sources and have been comprehensively tested on humans, not animals.  This is a holistic system that looks at each person as a unique individual and shows respect for the body and its ability to keep the person in optimum health. 

Homeopathy aims to understand the characteristics that make up each individual the person.  Essentially we all have illness at some point, but the way in which we experience this mentally, emotionally or physically is different from one person to another, whether the illness is acute or chronic.  In homeopathy, understanding how our mental, emotional and physical symptoms link together (psyche & soma) will the homeopath to treat a much more complete picture of you as an individual.  Homeopathy looks beyond the surface to identify the root cause of any health problem you are experiencing and is a gentle and effective approach that can be used independently or alongside other forms of treatment, conventional or holistic.  


Quote: “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a doctor. The doctors I knew as a very young child must have helped to plant the desire in me, when I was as young as five or six. One homeopathic physician, Dr. Justice Gage Wright, was a great model.

— Mark Twain