What to expect from homeopathic consultations

When I first went to see a homeopath 17 years ago, I had no idea of what to expect, all I knew was that I felt unwell and had a strong inclination to explore a safe and natural alternative to health.  During the consultation we talked about my presenting complaint but my homeopath went on to ask a range of questions that built a more complete picture of who I was in relation to this.  These included medical and family history, my thoughts, feelings, desires and aversions, moderating factors, sleep and eating patterns, responses to atmospheric conditions, and many more.

Never before had a practitioner taken such an interest in who I was and what made me tick.  This was a positive experience, the consultation process and following treatment inspired me as a patient on account of the efforts to thoroughly understand my case.  I felt relieved and liberated at the same time, because I could see that my homeopath was trying to get to the bottom of something much deeper than the superficial nature of what I'd presented with.

And this is what sets homeopathy apart from a conventional approach, it treats the individual, not a single part, organ or disease name.  Homeopathy isn't a blanket approach of one size fits all, it is indivdualised treatment based on a rigorous understanding of what makes us whole and how all parts interrelate.  That's why initial consultations take around 1.5 hours and follow ups 30 to 45 minutes, because time is needed to make a thorough assessment of your case and to see how you have responded to treatment.

Tony Fox DSH

M: +44 (0)7949 520 542

*Tony Fox is a homeopath practicing in Blackheath, South East London.  He is available for appointments at his Blackheath practice or by easy arrangement with Skype, FaceTime or telephone.