Homeopathic consultations are incredibly thorough. The aim is to build a well-rounded picture of who you are so that an accurate prescription can be made.  In order to do this your first consultation will be around 1.5 hours to discuss your mental, emotional and physical make up, family and medical history, as well as your lifestyle.  Follow up appointments last about 45 minutes to thoroughly evaluate your response to the remedy and to assess progress.   Consultations are conducted from my Blackheath practice but can be easily and conveniently arranged with Skype or FaceTime.  Acute consultations can be conducted over the telephone for existing patients and generally last up to 15 minutes.

To book an appointment, please telephone +44 (0)79062 666873 or send an email to info@tonyfox-homeopathy.com


Consultation Fees & Charges

Adults & Children

First consultation                            1.5 hours                          £80.00

Follow up                                       Up to 45 minutes              £45.00                 

Acute Illness

Telephone consultation                  15 Minutes                     £15.00


Average cost including postage                                      £8.50


Business hours: Thursday to Friday 10AM – 7.00PM, Saturday 10AM - 3.30PM

Telephone:  +44 (0)7949 520 542

New Patient Questionnaire

New patients are asked to complete an initial questionnaire prior to attending their first consultation. The questionnaire can be downloaded by following the below line.  The completed questionnaire should be emailed to info@tonyfox-homeopathy.com at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Ensure that you take your time to read through the questions carefully and provide as much information as possible.


Patient Facts Sheet

The patient facts sheet is free for you to download and provides important information relating to all aspects of the homeopathic consultation process.  For further information please don't hesitate to contanct me by email.


What to expect?

The number of appointments you need will depend on how unwell you are at the start of treatment, how long you have been unwell for and the complexity of your case.  I recommend that you have at least two follow ups after your initial appointment to see how you are responding to homeopathic treatment.  As a guide, new patients initially tend to have between 2 and 3 follow ups at around one month apart.  Once your health has improved I will suggest you get in touch when you need to, which will be dependent on your response to treatment. 

Whether your symptoms are mainly physical or emotional, or a combination of both, I will ask you to give as much information about yourself as possible at the consultation.  As well as all the details of your current complaints, you will be asked to talk about your personality, lifestyle, moods, reactions to different situations, and your relationships, fears and dreams. You will also be asked about your reaction to foods, the environment and the weather.  I may also want to know about your family's medical history as well as your own personal health history.  I will then analyse all the information you have given and find the best suited remedy for you as an individual.  You will either be prescribed a remedy at the consultation or a remedy will be sent to you in the post shortly after.  I will discuss instructions on how to take the remedy either at the consultation or by telephone once you've received the remedy.

Between Appointments

If you have any concerns about your treatment then please email or call me on +44 (0)7949520542 between 10am and 7pm Monday to Friday and leave a message.  I will respond to your email or call within 24 hours.  If you require urgent homeopathic advice and can't get hold of me, you can ring the Homeopath Helpline - 0906 534 3404 (this is a premium rate number regulated by PhonePay Plus for professional advice, and the maximum call duration is usually 10 minutes). 

Payment Method

Consultations are offered on a cash basis.  Patients using Skype, FaceTime or telephone will be invoiced through PayPal and subject to a 3% surcharge.  Patients using PayPal are also subject to PayPal terms and conditions.  All remedies dispensed through Helios Homeopathy will be sent directly to your postal address.  You will then be required to contact Helios Homeopathy on 01892 537254 or 01892 536393 to pay for the remedy with a debit or credit card.


Your remedy will be ordered from Helios Homeopathy dispensary and this will be sent directly to your postal address within 36 hours, accompanied by an invoice.  You will then be required to contact Helios Homeopathy on 01892 537254 or 01892 536393 to pay for the remedy with a debit or credit card.